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Substance Abuse Treatment

Are you struggling with addiction or concerned that your use of drugs, alcohol or prescription medication has gotten out of control?  Have you tried multiple times to stop using on your own without success?  Does your family or friends express concerns about your use?  Have you gotten in to trouble with the legal system, DCF, your job or in your relationships because of drugs/alcohol?  Are you looking for individualized treatment with people who understand, care and will accept you without judgment?  We can help.

Current Services

  • Individual, group, couples & family therapy

  • Dual Diagnosis Groups 5x per week

  • Relapse Prevention & Recovery Groups 5x per week

  • Men’s Sobriety Groups; Women’s Sobriety Groups

  • Parenting in Recovery Group

  • Adolescent Substance Abuse Intervention & Prevention

  • ACOA support services

  • Family Interventions

  • Therapeutic Support for Opiate Maintenance Programs


• Open 6 days a week

• Many insurance plans accepted

24/7 Emergency support services

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No matter what your situation is, you'll always have access to support when you need it when you call our emergency support line 24/7. Whether you need individual counseling or intervention and treatment, call us today for help.