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"My experience with Fortitude Counseling & Recovery Center has been nothing but exceptional.  From the minute I walked in, I was welcomed with open arms since day one.  My counselor, Nicole, and I connected right away.  She has given me so much great advice since I met her.  I truly don’t know what I would do without her now.  The only regret I have is that I wish I started years ago.  Nicole and Fortitude Counseling are a life saver."

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Jimmy T.

"I absolutely love coming to this program.  Nicole is by far the best therapist I have ever had!"

Kristen S.

"My experience at Fortitude Counseling & Recovery Center has been pleasant.  Scheduling my appointments has been great considering their flexibility around my schedule.  I am able to make evening and weekend appointments which I was not able to do at any other office I’ve been to.  All in all my experience has been enjoyable and great in every aspect."

Patrick S.

"I’ve had nothing but a good experience at Fortitude Counseling & Recovery Center.  It’s so much more comfortable for me that my therapist specializes in recovery because it is a huge part of my life especially being so new to everything.  It is nice to have someone to talk to that can understand what I’m talking about and I always leave feeling so much better!"

Cathy X.

"Great experience.  All therapists seem to really care about the client’s Well-being."

Clayton D.

"Since coming to Fortitude I have been more relaxed in my group and with my counselor, Richard.  The atmosphere is wonderful and very calming.  The people surrounding me in my group make coming here every day worthwhile! It truly has had an awesome effect on me."

Dawn M.

"I am completely satisfied with Fortitude and my current counselor.  She makes me feel right at home and listens as if I am her only client.  Very resourceful."

Sallie R.

"I like coming to Fortitude Counseling.  I feel really good talking to my counselor.  She is like my best friend and she helps me so much."

Daisy D., age 13

"Personally, I feel this program helps my sobriety better than AA.  Not that AA doesn’t work, it’s just that talking to Nicole one on one, I feel helps me…like somebody really cares and understands what I’m going through!  She seems to understand this disease!"

Rick G.

"It’s my first time doing counseling and I really enjoy it.  It has been helping a lot.  Nicole gives me different perspectives and good feedback which I like.  She really listens to everything I say and she remembers everything.  Great atmosphere.  I feel very comfortable which I didn’t think I would because I had hesitations.  Great office!"

Angie B.

"I’ve been attending counseling here for a few months and I feel like it’s helped me in multiple ways.  Nicole has been very helpful with all of the matters I have been dealing with and I’m very thankful for having these appointments.  Also I’m glad to have met Nicole.  She’s very helpful and understanding of my situations."

Eddie R., age 19

"Fortitude’s counselor, Rich, has made a huge difference in my life and my recovery.  I attend a dual diagnosis group three times a week as well as individual counseling.  I feel that I’ve made huge progress and plan to grow more every day with my continued therapy.  I would highly recommend Rich & Fortitude to anyone looking for counseling and/or recovery."

Jackie K.

"Nicole has been excellent in dealing with my stress and depression.   Also in helping me to be able to perform in my working environment.  I look forward to seeing her regularly in the future."

Steve R.

"Our therapist is really nice.  She is a good friend.  She is kind, helpful and caring.  We like coming to Fortitude Counseling & Recovery Center."

Kessya, age 12; Kaileen, age 11; Anthony, age 9

"I attend marriage and personal counseling sessions with my therapist weekly and I have built trust and comfort with my therapist.  She is helping my family and myself to grow to better understand and work with each other.  She is very professional and I/my family have great respect for.  We thank her deeply for the time she gives us."

Matt S.

"My therapist is Nicole.  She has been ideal for me.  The temperament she carries when dealing with me has been nothing short of excellent.  Fortitude does exactly what it is supposed to:  Give you the strength to keep going.  The overall tone and feel of Fortitude is welcoming to its’ patients.  In the months that I’ve been attending, I’ve felt nothing but comfort."

Lloyd B.

"I think that Fortitude is an exceptional program for those in recovery from substance abuse and mental illness.  The individuals in the group are very tight knit and come together without judgment.  Our group leader, Richard, is genuine, honest, intelligent and caring.  I appreciate the progress I am making continuously through this program immensely."

Emily B.

"Nicole always has time for me and is a great listener.  I have been seeing her for nine months and find her to be compassionate and caring."

Howard P.

"Counseling has been very good here.  Therapy helps me a lot.  My therapist is great.  Very nice atmosphere."

Tarsha E.

"She helps me understand my problems.  I am happy when I leave."

Ricky L.

"I feel comfortable, welcome and accepted at Fortitude Counseling which in turn helps me to be willing to share more and accept treatment."

Steve C.

"I’ve only been coming to Fortitude Counseling for a little while, but it has made a big difference.  It is a very comfortable place to be at.  I enjoy it."

Brian G.